Here is how to use the OutoftheCLoud App!
We have been runnnig a contest for those who spread the word about the opportunity available with OutoftheCloud. What happens is that once you sign up at either our prelaunch page or on the app itself after downloading it, we provide you the tools to spread the word about OutoftheCloud and we have premium accounts to be released for free forever to the ones with the highest amount of referrals. Yo can check your place in line for the free premium accounts on your cell app.

Once you sign up you will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your position in line. You must confirm with this email. Once you confirm, you will be shown your position in line and you will have the opportunity to share with others to win a free premium account that will be awarded to you at the lauch of in December of this year. You will also be sent your login details for the app. Please check your spam folder as well for this.

Check Status Here
You will be able to check your position in line relative to how many others are in line. Here you can share with others about our Pre-Launch Waitlist and if they sign up on the waitlist you gain in position and in certainty of getting a free premium account awarded to you on launch day. Depending on your internet connection, the Position Status Checker may be slow...if so, simply click where it says "Please Click Here To Check Your Position Status Now!"

Video Updates
We will be sharing sneak-peek videos of some of the features of as well as some just plain getting-to-know-us fun videos too.

We will be updating you through our blog as well, anything and everything

Follow Us Here
We have our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, G Plus, Telegram, and Linked in. Whatever we post on our blog will also be alerted in our social media, so please follow and like us! If you want to share us, don't do it here, go back to "Check Status" and share us there so you gain position!



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